Neutral CABLE (x2) (+DREi)

Looks like a cable, is connected as a cable, yet it is much more than a cable.

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Neutral Audio DREi Inside stamp      CABLE DREi is is an passive cable with active DREi technology that increases the performance of your audio system, optimizing the connection between the elements and offering an outstanding musicality, crystal clear sound with excellent openness and three-dimensionality. A exquisite level of detail and silence.

The total system synergy will be much more balanced, the contribution  of CABLE DREi in this aspect is truly remarkable.

The extraordinary control it exerts on the total energy to be amplified allows higher SPL in the audio system and the room. The benefits of the musical signal are cumulative. Use various CABLE DREi to interconnect your system.

CABLE DREi from Neutral Audio Technologies are solidly hand made with high quality materials, silver, copper and aluminium.


Can wire your entire system with these cables, analog audio signal only. Not valid for digital signals or for the speakers.


For all situations where you are looking to play live or recorded music with the highest quality and clarity of sound, increasing the resolution issued by the speakers and amplification efficiency. No matter what level of the system where you are installing, always notice the improvement it brings Drei processes.

2 x Module DREi tech All Inside for audio
2 x RCA or XLR connections
2 x 110cm cable. of silver core surrounded by high purity copper.
Power supply 115VAC/230VAC and 12VDC/2A output (up to 10 cables) and bridge 30cm.
Color black
Quick Guide Connection
Velcro strap to attach the wires

For more information please go to Neutral Audio´s web:   CABLE DREi

Videos where you can see the effect of DREi process in audio signals 

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